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Beaconhouse Preschool Gasing

Beaconhouse Pre-school Gasing is situated at the end of Jalan Gasing, housed in a large, cozy double storey building. The friendly and safe environment: large classrooms, spacious corridors and good outdoors space make this school a popular choice among parents in this neighborhood.




This school has a team of friendly and committed teachers that support the enriching and creative curriculum including the technology supported classroom – Enhanced Learning Environment/ Classroom(ELE).To cater to the individual needs of children, interesting and stimulating enrichment programs are offered at this school in the afternoon.  For working mothers, this branch also provide after school carefrom Monday to Friday



No. 168, Jalan Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
T : +603 7781 5282   E :   WhatsApp : +60182058008


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Ayeshah Bernadette
Head of School

Welcome to Beaconhouse Gasing


Early childhood education is an important part of a child’s life journey.   The Beaconhouse Early Years curriculum aims to stimulate children, both mentally and physically, thereby equipping and enabling each child to enter the social world beyond the family as well as encounter and deal with the challenges set by the world.  A caring and supportive environment that promotes optimal early childhood development greatly increases children’s chances of a successful transition to school.


On this premise, I firmly believe in providing a safe and stimulating environment for all our students.  It is my aim to build a positive learning climate that not only focuses on academics but also one that encourages excellence in the fulfillment of students’ potential.  My goal is to create an environment where students can explore, experiment and discover without fear or fervor with strong support and guidance by our dedicatedly-qualified teachers.   Students who are properly nurtured will grow to love learning, be independent learners, and develop an enquiring mind as well as being able to contribute to the learning community. 


My passion in teaching is shared and supported by a team of qualified and dedicated teachers.   Together we provide an extended curriculum that is based on active forms of learning through enquiry, discovery and experience.  It is our belief that learning in this way should be encouraged and cultivated rather than exercising the antiquated dictum of acquiring knowledge through storing facts.  Equally important also, is communication with parents which allows us to understand how best to serve each and every student thereby enabling us to provide the best possible school experience for them.  We therefore welcome parents to visit our school and experience the marked difference.


Ayeshah Bernadette Phillips   



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