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If you are interested in enrolling your child at beaconhouse Newlands, please conand visit us. You will meet the Registrar and Principal who will discuss with your child's education. You will complete the registration form and at this time you rill be able to book an assessment for your child.


The assessment will consist of either:


Reception to year 2 - A basic literacy and numeracy activity

Year 3 to year 9 - An English and Mathematics paper

Year 10 and 11 - An English, Mathematics and Science paper


Once the assessment result and the reports from the previous school (if applicable) are reviewed, a decision will be made as to whether your child can be offered a place at the school. If your child is offered a place, you will be contacted and registration will be arranged.


If you are interested in finding out more about how Beaconhouse Newlands can bring out the best in your child, please fill in the form under the Contact Us tab or call our Registrar directly at 03-9082-4759 for an appointment. Alternatively, you may email your enquiry to newlands@beaconhouse.edu.my