At BNEY, we provide high-quality education based on the best international practice, namely, the UK Early Years Foundation Stage combined with the Beaconhouse School System Curriculum. We have a recognized tradition of over 40 years imparting quality education internationally across nine countries.


BNEY curriculum prepares children for international education particularly the Cambridge International Programme. The key emphasis is to provide a firm foundation in Language, Maths & Science.

At BNEY, we create opportunities to excite and nurture children building upon their natural enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity. Imaginative play is encouraged as well as experience in designing and constructing through physical play to help children explore and discover that learning is fun.




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BNEY Philosophy

BNEY Programme is developed based on international, developmentally appropriate practices in early years education.  The design of BNEY Program emerges from the constructivism philosophy where children are the natural leaders of their own learning.  BNEY creates opportunities for children to be creative and innovative in designing, exploring and discovering the world.

Our goal is to develop each child hollistically through our integrated curriculum where it promotes active engagement and problem-solving opportunities.  The curriculum also enhances quality social interaction and promotes respect for diversity in our society.

Integrated Learning
Our learning experiences are integrated and yet flexible around meaningful situations.  During any one learning situation, our children will be experiencing all the other areas of excellence.

Active Learner
Children are activie learners and possess the natual disposition for learning.  We respect them as the competent driver of their own learning that promotes creative thinking and problem-solving abilities as well as children's emergent literacy, numeracy and scientific thinking.

Interactive Learning
Quality activities are essential for extending knowledge and promote greater learning among our children.  Hence our learning activities are embedded with interactice experiences for children to develop their potential.  We believe that development is not something that happens to children, but rather results from children's interactions in the social and physical world.

Educators' Roles
The basic construct of our educators is participating as co-partners in the child's learning.  The key role of an educator is to formulate interaction strategies, focusing on children's strengths, forming authentic relationships with children and support their creative play ideas through constant reflection of classroom practice.

Parental Involvement
Children's development will not be complete without active involement of parents.  Strong bonding and parnership with parents are crucial strategies in the overall development of children.  The partnerships require co-operation and dedication in order to thrive and succeed.

Principles underpinning the BNEY Program Framework

BNEY Programme equips educaors with pedagogies of the 21st century. Over and above supporting children in their academic excellence, our educators are also trained and equipped to nurture the wholesome development of children such as to excel physically, socially, emotionally and creatively.


BNEY's Five Areas of Excellence:


BNEY’s Aim

By emphasizing an inspiring and dynamic combination of knowledge, skill, critical and innovative thinking alongside global awareneess, the BNEY Learner Profile serves as a cornerstone for what it means to be a BNEY child.  Our children come from a variety of social, cultural and economic backgrounds, nationality and internationally.  The learner profile indentifies common attributes that connect BNEY children around the world.   BNEY promotes a holistic learning  approach that addresses children's intellectual, emotional and physical development, preparing them to become passionate lifelong learners and responsible global citizens.  The ultimate aim of the learner profile is to serve as the foundation for our curricula and teaching philosophy whilst inspiring our learners to become our future leaders.

International Programme

Our Early Years Curriculum is based on the best international practice.  As our young children develop physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally, we use the most advanced study progammes to ensure a dynamic and exciting experience.  Our programmes incorporate both the Cambridge and Beaconhouse School System Curriculum Framework.    This combination allows us to develop children's skills in critical and reflective thinking, decision-making, problem solving, and independent learning.  In a supportive, trillingual environment at BNEY, children's language competencies will develop, as well as their ability to problem solve and apply knowledge wiht understanding which will prepare your children for success throughout their schooling and in their later life.

BNEY Enriched Curriculum

Our Language Integrated Programme (L.I.P.) primarily helps children to master the English Language through experiencing a variety of language and literacy activities.  Children will develop a confidence in their language skills and use these to enhance their learning in all areas.  In the process of mastering the language, the programme ensures each child achieves cognitive, physical, social science and creative excellence.

The incorporation of the Cambridge English syllabus similiar to our Newlands International School provides a stronger foundation and competency of the English Language.  This strategy will better prepare our children for an International School education.

Other Languages:  Bahasa Malaysia & Mandarin

Our medium of instruction is in English.  Children will be provided with opportunitiy to master Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin when they complete their early years education with us. We believe that the best time for children to acquire languages is during formative years.  The strengthening of the two additional languages will preapre our children for formal education in our national and Chinese medium schools respectively.

Our Maths Genius (MaG) Programme offers a hands-on experience, where children are encouraged to learning mathematics through problem-solving activities that relate to real life situations.  It also challenges children to be critical thinkers and risk takers in their pursuit of knowledge.  In MaG, children do not learn mathematics as an exclusive subject but as integrative lessons that develop skills and excellence in language, cognitive, physical, social science and creative expression.

Creative Arts
Our Creative Arts Programme promotes creativity, imagination and inventiveness whilst providing opportunities for children to explore and create new innovation through art and craft.  Children are taught to be little artists, as Picasso said, 'Every child is an artist'.

Expressive Arts
Expressive Arts is another level of exposure for children in transforming their fomal learning into abstract learning.  Children are given the opportunity to express themselves through music & movement, and drama.

Creative Project
Our Creative Project further promotoes creative and scientific skills.  It also provides opportunties for children to gain knowledge and understanding of the world such as culture, history and geography including awareness of children's rights.

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