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By emphasising a dynamic combination of knowledge, skills, critical and innovative thinking and global awareness, the Beaconhouse Learner Profile serves as a cornerstone for what it means to be a Beaconhouse student. Our students come from a variety of social, cultural and economic backgrounds, nationally and internationally. The learner profile identifies common attributes that connect Beaconhouse students around the world. Beaconhouse promotes holistic learning that addresses students’ intellectual, emotional and physical development, preparing them to become lifelong learners and responsible global citizens. The ultimate aim of the learner profile is to serve as the foundation for our curricula and teaching philosophy.

Creative & Innovative

They generate original thoughts and ideas that have value and are inspired by imagination and innovation.


They create logical connections between ideas and can identify, evaluate and solve problems systematically by relying on their own critical thinking.


They are unwavering in their quest to learn and are dedicated, dependable and resilient in both thought and action.


As natural inquirers, they are curious about their surroundings and, through self-inquiry, can generate knowledge leading to a better understanding of the world.


Their good work and community service help them empathise with others, ensuring the creation of a more just, caring and compassionate world.

Globally Aware

Our students cultivate international mindedness, and global dignity to understand and address complex global and environmental issues. They embrace individuals from diverse lifestyles, cultures, religions, and political and social backgrounds, thus cultivating unity through diversity.


They are accountable for their actions and possess a spirit of honesty, integrity, equality, fairness and human dignity and make informed decisions based on these key moral principles.

Healthy and Active

They are aware and able to make conscious decisions about healthy living and are involved in activities that develop their mind, body and spirit both inside and outside school.

Digitally Literate

They share ideas and collaborate with others both locally and internationally while responsibly using digital technology and tools to evaluate and create knowledge and information.