Welcome to Beaconhouse School System  - A Joyous & Meaningful Way to Learn

  In Beaconhouse Pre-school, it is all about joyous learning and celebrating the success of children. The centre of our curriculum is ’Play’. Yes, it is all about play to learn, learn to play. Many researches have proven that purposeful play or educational play is in fact a powerful vehicle of learning. The primary goal at our pre-schools is to provide a wide range of exciting, meaningful and fun activities designed to celebrate early successes        


Our BSS Early Years curriculum aims to provide an environment in which teachers establish individual relationships with children, plan and engage children in experiences which promote the acquisition of knowledge, develop skills, and encourage children to build positive relationships with other children and adults in the environment  


From our Play Group to Pre-school programme, young children are progressively supported to grow and develop during their formative years. Our developmentally appropriate program supports the critical years of young children where they experience rapid growth and important brain development, and reach decisions about their own worth and abilities. Our teachers are trained to implement our early years curriculum to stimulate children both, mentally and physically, thereby equipping and enabling each child to face the challenging world ahead of them.    


The Beaconhouse Advantage

  Beaconhouse School System is internationally acknowledged for its achievements in academics and excellence in educational management for the last 40 years. Today we are proud to make significant contribution in providing quality pre-school programmes in 9 countries.      In Malaysia we are proud to have achieved successful mile stones in providing 10 years of quality pre-school education through our dedicated pool of educators. Today we are proud to be a leader in providing this purposeful and active form of learning which engages the child’s mind, heart and hands to learn.   Our next milestone will be introducing the Enhance Learning Environment (ELE) classrooms where technology will be introduced to bring learning to a new level of fun and excitement. Learning will be a total new experience for our children as exploration and discovery of knowledge will go beyond the four walls of the classrooms and into the future.