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Inter-branch and International Transfer


Inter-branch and International Transfer Beaconhouse offers as one of its advantages the facility to transfer students between Beaconhouse School branches in Malaysia as well as to Beaconhouse schools in other countries such as Pakistan, Oman, Bangladesh, Philippines, Thailand and the UK.



A student is eligible to apply for local and international transfer facilities, provided that:

  • They have completed 12 months or one academic year at the school from which they are seeking transfer
  • They have cleared all their dues from the school they are studying in and from which they are seeking transfer
  • There is no gap between the date of withdrawal from one branch and the date of admission in another branch
  • They have not been suspended or received more than one disciplinary warning


If a student qualifies for transfer:

  • No admission fees will be charged by the branch to which the student is transferred


Even if a student is eligible for transfer, they shall only qualify for it subject to the availability of a vacancy in the requested branch. The decision of the relevant Regional Office will be final in this regard.