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 Notice of Withdrawal

In the event that you wish to withdraw your child, you are requested to fill out the withdrawal notice and exit survey forms below. A copy of your Notice of Withdrawal will go to your child’s school admission section for processing and will only be deemed accepted by the school upon confirmation from you.  The required notice period for withdrawals will prevail and the School’s refund procedure/conditions will apply in the event of any withdrawal.  If you are unable to provide the required notice period the Security Deposit shall be forfeited.

Please note that leaving documents, School Leaving Certificates and Student Transcripts (Senior School Only) will be given out on the last day of your child’s attendance.  This will happen once the appropriate clearance forms have been signed by the teacher (s) confirming that all books, educational materials and any other school properties have been returned to the respective departments.  The Finance Department will also have to confirm that all outstanding fees/dues are paid.   

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Reason of Leaving. Please check all that apply (required)
Migration OverseasTransportationAcademic ProgramQuality of TeachingExtracurricular ActivitiesDisciplineFacilitiesMedical ReasonsFinancial

Other reasons:

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Required Documents from School
School Leaving Certificate (Primary & Secondary School Students)Transcript (Senior Students only)

Security Deposit Refund

The required notice period for withdrawals will prevail and the School’s refund
procedure/conditions will apply in the event of any withdrawal.

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Parent Exit Survey

Please state if you were satisfied or dissatisfied with the following areas:

Academic standard/curriculum SatisfiedDissatisfied

Teaching standard and quality SatisfiedDissatisfied

Communication with teachers and staff SatisfiedDissatisfied

Accessibility of teachers and staff SatisfiedDissatisfied

The responsiveness of teachers and administrators to your concerns SatisfiedDissatisfied

School leadership team SatisfiedDissatisfied

Opportunities for parents' feedback SatisfiedDissatisfied

Discipline problems are competently handled SatisfiedDissatisfied

School fees SatisfiedDissatisfied

Other extracurricular activities SatisfiedDissatisfied

Sports programme SatisfiedDissatisfied

Technology (computers, etc) SatisfiedDissatisfied

School environment and facilities SatisfiedDissatisfied

Food quality and services SatisfiedDissatisfied

Safety and security measures SatisfiedDissatisfied

Please provide us with any other comments you have about your experience at our school.

Thank you for your participation in this survey